Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Yes, today is devoted to Mother, and rightly so. She has the abundant energy to keep the household humming, maintain happiness, equilibrium and satisfy every need, without a thought to her own.

Statistics show that there is an alarmingly high rate of single moms, who live below the poverty line, with their children. Stats also show that these moms live under chronic, uninterrupted stress, with dire consequences, such as mental illness, i.e.-depression, and eventually dementia and alzheimers. Yes, the mother suffers but more importantly, the children suffer, and eventually society does as well, as the children end up burdening society.

Resources are needed and services, particularly to meet the needs of families, such as food banks, school supplies, funding to cover public school fees, bursaries for day camp fees, legal aid, housing, furniture, clothing, bus tickets, and the list is endless.

The primary role of a mother is to feed, clothe and maintain a loving, safe and balanced home environment for her children. Without financial resources and emotional support, life can be very stressful for both mom and kids.

I am one of these mothers, and I want to do something to help other women and their kids improve their circumstances. Don't hesitate to email if you have resources available to help this cause, or if you are a mom who is struggling and needs help. email:

Happy Mother's Day! and hang in are loved.